The best day trips from Barcelona Spain: A complete guide

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The best day trip from Barcelona Spain: a complete guide

If you want to have a good day trip from Barcelona, stay with us! we tell you everything you must know about the best options. Catalonia is famous for its wide variety of tourist sites. From the city, it is possible to go to them only a couple of hours away.

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Even, thanks to its proximity to the border, You can visit the neighboring territories of Andorra and France. There are several means of transportation for tourism such as buses and trains or private driver. Renting a car with driver for a day trip is a great way to combine comfort, tourism and the reassurance of a professional driver.

10 ideas for a fantastic day trip from Barcelona

To embark on a day trip from Barcelona you can choose fantastic destinations, from ancient ruins to an amusement parks. Here are the best destinations:

Day trip from Barcelona to Girona

The gorgeous Girona, in the northeast of Barcelona, is very rich not only in history but also in culture. An hour and a half by car, you simply take the A7 which is a direct route. There are many iconic locations to visit, such as the Onyar river, the Jewish quarter, and the Arab baths.

And if you are going there in May, you cannot miss the Flower Festival that has exhibitions distributed throughout the city.

You will love Girona

How to get to Girona?

Day trip from Barcelona to Sitges

If on your day trip from Barcelona you choose to go to a modern, young, and vibrant spot, then the city of Sitges is for you. Contemporary art, great nightlife, a vibrant gay community, and even nude beaches.

It is in the southwest of Barcelona, more specifically on the coast, you must take the C-32 south, and it takes to get there less than an hour.

City center of beautiful Sitges, Catalonia

Day trip from Barcelona to Figueres with a driver

If you are a lover of surrealist art, and you are familiar with the name Dalí, the city has a lot to offer you. It is not only the place of birth and death of the artist, but it is also the seat of his great “Salvador Dalí Theatre-Museum”.

Dalí, King of Surrealism

Besides, on this fascinating day trip, you can visit the magnificent Castell de Sant Ferran. You can take the AP-7 or the C-17 to the northeast.

Day trip from Barcelona to Montblanc

If you like nature and medieval ruins, the walled city of Montblanc is an architectural wonderland overlooking stunning landscapes. In it, the legend tells that Saint George killed the dragon, and the virgin of the Sierra decided to establish her permanent home.

To get there by car, you just must take the AP-7 to the southwest, and it will take more than an hour, much faster than by train.

Day trip from Barcelona to Montserrat

The most sacred spot in Catalonia is a great choice. It is better known as the Montserrat Mountain Natural Park; whose name comes from the impressive shape of its mountains, which look like a mountain range.

You can get to the foot of the mountain by car, or you can go immediately to the monastery of Santa María, which is located on the heights. You just must take the A2 to the northwest and exit 570.

Montserrat Views

Day trip from Barcelona to Colony Guell

If you have already visited the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia or plan to visit it, then the crypt of Colonia Güell is the best place to discover Gaudí’s inspiration. Both were named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, along with other works by the architect.

You can start your day going to Colonia Güell, you just must follow the C-31 or the A2 heading southwest for 30 minutes.

Day trip from Barcelona to Vic

Speaking of Gaudí, would you like to know where he retired to rest from his works? In the historic medieval town of Vic. Magnificent baroque mansions and cobblestone streets set the scene for the vibrant open-air festival and market scenes in the country.

It also stands out for its production of sausages, such as the famous Vic sausage. It will take you over an hour by driving north on the C-17.

You will love the local food market

Day trip from Barcelona to PortAventura

We’re never too old for a good amusement park, right? A popular choice is a visit to Port Aventura theme park, following the coastline west on the C-31 or C-32.

You can choose between 6 different areas:

• Polynesia

• the Mediterranean

• China

• Far West

• Mexico

• Sesame Adventure

It also has 2 other parks, Ferrari Land and Caribe Aquatic, where you can live an Italian experience or enjoy the water attractions.

Port Aventura is a great option for a family-fun day

Day trip from Barcelona to Andorra

The Spanish border with France is home to a small principality that is a completely independent country. This is Andorra, and it is famous for its wonderful landscapes, luxurious restaurants, and ski resorts. Its main language is Catalan, but it has a large percentage of the Spanish population.

If you choose this beautiful place, you need to take the C-16 north for more than 2 hours. If you need a private driver to transfer you to Andorra, we will be happy to assisst you!

Andorra it’s a shopping heaven (tax free!)

Day trip from Barcelona to France with a driver

Finally, a visit to the French border is not too much. The lovely Pyrenees mountains directly north of Barcelona on the C-16 road constitute the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees. Nearby is the historic village of Ax-Les-Thermes, famous for its hot springs.

Enjoy great diversity

The surroundings of the beautiful city of Barcelona have many places full of history and fun. They are very easily accessible and in any of them, have a great day trip. However, to reach most of them, the most comfortable option is the car.

If you want to be able to fully enjoy your experience, without worrying about parking or GPS, you have the option of renting your car with a driver. In this way, you will always be sure that you will arrive at your destination safely and efficiently.

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