Day trip to France from Barcelona

Are you thinking to take a day trip to France from Barcelona? In this section, we are going to show you the option. Europe is notable for its cultural variety and the beauty of its landscapes, so touring it by car is a wonderful experience.

Right now, there is a route that will allow you to get to know three nations in a single day, from Barcelona, passing on France, and finishing in Andorra. Next, we will talk about some stops that you should make if you decide to embark on this exciting journey. If you need a private driver to drive you from Barcelona to France, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Where to go on a day trip to France from Barcelona

Although time is limited, during your day trip you will be able to see many places of tourist interest. Depending on how much time you want to spend getting to know each place, the recommended itinerary is as follows.

Bagà, Cadi-Moixero National Park

Leaving Barcelona, your first objective is to reach the medieval city of Bagà, crossing the magnificent mountains of the Cadi-Moixero National Park. In the city, you can enjoy the local gastronomy, among which its fresh cakes and sandwiches stand out.

Don’t forget the Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are a marvelous mountain collection that forms a natural barrier that separates France from the Basque Country. They are recognized for the beauty of their landscapes. Then, you find the famous French city of Ax Les Thermes, famous for its rich springs and medicinal waters.

In the place, you will enjoy moments of relaxation, watching one of its fountains, in addition to being able to buy a nice souvenir. Once your tour of the city is over, it’s time to return to Spain, but through a different route.


Leaving Ax Les Thermes, you will have to cross the Pyrenees again, but this time in the direction from the center of the country. Before arriving in Andorra la Vella, you will find the town of  Pas de la Casa, a town that marks the border that shares Andorra with France.

The little town is the highest in the European continent and the Arieja River is born in its territory. In Pas de la Casa, you will enjoy splendid natural surroundings, ideal for taking photographs that you will treasure as a reminder of your visit to the beautiful mountains.

In a valley that is on the way to the country’s capital, you can still see small stone huts belonging to bygone times. An ancient Roman church stands out against the landscape, as if still vigilant against the arrival of the ancient invaders.

When you descend the mountains, you find Andorra la Vella, which is the capital of the territory, and currently it is also the smallest capital in all of Europe. In the city, you can take advantage of its duty-free shops to buy anything you need.

After walking around the city, you must start your return to Spain, crossing the modest country in a few hours. Little by little, the hilly landscape will give way to fields, lakes, and rivers until reaching Barcelona again.

Live unforgettable experiences on your day trip

Europe is a continent full of history, which offers its visitors breathtaking natural landscapes and medieval towns worth knowing. In addition, it is one of the few places that will allow you to visit three countries in a single day.

The towns and cities described in this article are just a small sample of all the magic and beauty that they can offer you. If you decide to take the trip, on your day trip, you will live experiences that you will never forget.