Rent a Bus in Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona and planning a group trip? Do need to book a coach with a private driver? We provide our private vehicle fleet to fulfill your needs. We work with clients from diverse backgrounds. They all look for the same thing: a professional chauffeur and a bus that can fit up to 64 passengers. 


private bus in barcelona

Rent an entire bus, a minibus or a van

The perfect partner for your group trip. Our bus coach can fit up to 64 passengers. It has wifi and comfortable seats. 

Charter services are a good way to ensure that everything will work out well. 


shopping tour with chauffeur

Why renting a charter bus?

Booking and entire bus gives you freedom. You don’t have to be responsible about looking up for directions, driving, parking and so on.

Let our professional coach drivers guide you in a premium vehicle. With the latest GPS and the best in class seats, equipped with WIFI and restroom.

chofer privado

What is the price?

It depends on the type of trip that you are planning. We work on an hour basis. I you are interested to know more, you can check our price table or directly contact one of our support staff. They will be able to provide you with an exact quote for your trip.

How can I make a booking?

We work with individuals, companies, tour operators and agencies alike.

Decide what type of vehicle from our fleet suits your needs. Once done, you can check our rates, to have a ballpark estimation of our costs.

Finally, contact us to receive a quote! 📩

Get a quote for your trip today!
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