Top 10 Shore Excursions in Barcelona

If you are looking for the best shore excursions in Barcelona, then you are in the right place. We will take you to dream destinations. We have selected for you a complete list of recreational and tourist walks and great journeys through the most emblematic natural and rural sites of Barcelona.

Enjoy with family or friends the best travel routes you can do. For that, you can get the help of a rental car with a driver from the airport. Choose the experience that best suits your plans.

Top 10 of the best excursions in Barcelona

Taking day trips in Barcelona is a great experience that every traveler wants to experience at some point in their life. You don’t need to go far from the city to enjoy these itineraries. Plan an excursion throughout Catalonia with the car rental service from the main airport. Do not miss it!

1.   Montserrat mountain

To get to the Montserrat Sierra, you must drive 30 minutes through the mountains of Barcelona from the center. On this excursion, you will be able to visit the museum of Renaissance painting, the Royal Basilica, the monastery, and the statue of the “black virgin”. It is one of the favorite places of pilgrimage for tourists. Enjoy the outdoors with the best mountain views.

2.   Masia Meriona

It is an ideal park for shore excursions. It has great natural and cultural riches. There you will find a permanent exhibition of science and art. The natural landscapes that can be seen during the tour are stunning. Natural diversity and excellent food characterize this vegetable garden.

3.   Sant Llorenç de Munt Natural Park

It is in the Sierra de Obac, a community of Catalonia. Its main attraction is the monastery, an original building from the 10th century. It has been considered a natural oasis.

It houses rivers, caves, mountain formations, and green pine forests. Despite being an area far from the city, it is an attractive option to travel with the family, using a tour on your own or a rental car.

4.   River Ter meander

Here, we have a spectacular landscape loaded with water. It has alluvial plains and exotic rivers, with diverse temperatures. By doing one of the shore expeditions in Barcelona through these wonderful landscapes you can enjoy lakes, waterfalls, ample mist, and the best sunsets anyone can admire.


5.   The route of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

It is considered the green lung of Barcelona, a route close to the metropolitan area of Catalonia. It offers wooded landscapes, long paths, and visits to the coast. You can observe on the way to the Gothic monastery of the fifteenth century. The ideal is to access the place by rental car and then cross the path on foot.

6.   Dosrius Vertical Forest

Here we find an adventure park surrounded by trees. It is located within the town of Canyamars in the region of Meresme in Barcelona. It offers visitors an attractive 8-station circuit suitable for the public. Among them, the “zip line” games stand out, the particular “Canopy vine” and the combats with laser weapons.

7.   Montseny Park

It has 8000 species of flora and fauna, and it is regarded as the ethnological heritage of Barcelona. Although it is far from the center of the city, it is worth taking an excursion through its mountains by car. It is a reserve park loaded with natural elements.

8.   The tubs of the Flequer valley

It is a long-distance route designed to cross the Montcau valleys in Bages. There are kilometers of plantations and old buildings. Besides, it is surrounded by dry stone constructions. It is a wine tradition.

9.   The Muntada

La Masia de la Muntada is very close to the city center. It is a place surrounded by mountains and a natural park. Car transfers allow you to visit different vineyards in a single day. It is an ideal tour to taste wines, local dishes, and Mediterranean delicacies.

10.  Burriac’s castle

It is in the Parque de la Serralada Litoral. At the top of the mountain, you can see the remains of the medieval castle. It is a long walk that begins on the outskirts of the park, at the Font Picante de Cabrera, right where the cars park.

Shore excursions in Barcelona are rich in cultural and natural diversity. Through them, you can go hiking or do other outdoor activities, visit mountains, and see old buildings if you wish. There are kilometers of adventures that you can travel by the car rental service with a driver.